PhD Thesis

A Coupled-Momentum Method to Model Blow Flow and Vessel Deformation in Human Arteries: Applications in Disease Research and Simulation-Based Medical Planning” Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA. March 2006 .

Student Theses

11. Sabrina Lynch. “Non-Newtonian Stabilized Mass Transport Model: Applications to Thrombosis Research in Cardiovascular Hemodynamics” University of Michigan, PhD Thesis. January 2021 (under embargo).

10. Federica Cuomo. “Effects of vascular aging in murine and human hemodynamics revealed by computational modeling: Applications to hypertension research” University of Michigan, PhD Thesis. April 2019 .

9. Diederik van Bakel. “Computational Modeling of  Hemodynamics for Surgical Planning and Device Deployment” UMC Utrecht, PhD Thesis. April 2019 .

8. Miguel Silva Vieira. “Image-based computational modelling of coronary autoregulation with the primary aim of improving risk stratification of Alagille’s syndrome patients prior to liver transplantation” King’s College London, PhD Thesis. December 2018 .

7. Pouya Youssefi. “Functional Assessment of the Thoracic Aorta in Patients with Aortic Valve Pathology using Patient-Specific Computational Fluid Dynamics” King’s College London, PhD Thesis. Sep 2017 .

6. Alia Noorani. “An Integrated Imaging and Modelling Approach for the Management of Aortic Dissection” King’s College London, MD Thesis. Oct 2016 .

5. Foeke J.H. Nauta. “Biomechanical and Clinical Studies in Endovascular Aortic Repair” UMC Utrecht, PhD Thesis. Aug 2016 .

4. Desmond Dillon-Murphy. “Computational Haemodynamics and Strain Analysis of Aortic Dissection in Idealised and Patient-specific Aortic Geometries: Understanding the Impact of Dissection on Cardiovascular Function” King’s College London, PhD Thesis. July 2016 .

3. Jonas Schollenberger. “A Lumped Parameter Model of Cerebral Blood Flow Regulation: Applications to Simulation of Carotid Endarterectomy” Technische Universitat Munchen, Master Thesis. June 2015 .

2. Nan Xiao. “Simulation of 3-D Blood Flow in the Full Systemic Arterial Tree and Computational Frameworks for Efficient Parameter Estimation” Stanford University, PhD Thesis. December 2013 .

1. Federica Cuomo. “Fluid-structure Interaction Simulations of Hemodynamics in Mice: Applications to Hypertension Research“. Politecnico di Milano, Master Thesis. July 2013 .