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European Research Council Starting Grant 2012-307532_INTEG-CV-SIM. “An Integrated Computer Modelling Framework for Subject-Specific Cardiovascular Simulation: Applications to Disease Research, Treatment Planning, and Medical Device Design”


United States National Institutes of Health Grant R01HL105297. “Mechanisms Underlying the Progression of Large Artery Stiffness in Hypertension”


National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation 15-PAF04428. “MRI: Development of a configuration for real time coupling of data and high performance computing”


United States National Institutes of Health Grant U01HL135842. “Image-based Multi-scale Modeling Framework of the Cardiopulmonary System: Longitudinal Calibration and Assessment of Therapies in Pediatric Pulmonary Hypertension”


University of Michigan Frankel Cardiovascular Center Cardiovascular Imaging Collaborative Fund. “Early Initiation of Venous Thrombosis Examined Through Photo-acoustic Imaging and Image-Based Computational Models”